Employer Benefits

Our mission is to provide your employees with the absolute best possible combination of benefits and price available. We offer a wide and diverse selction of employee benefits that offers you the flexability you need.

Employer sponsored health insurance options include self-funded, fully insured, PPO, HMO, high deductible health plans with health savings accounts. There are over a hundred new plan designs being released for 1/1/14 and we are on top of all them to make sure each client is getting the best “bang for the buck”. Let us help you find the best ACA compliant solution in terms of price, benefits and network for your employees.

Explore the latest in employer sponsored health insurance incorporating defined contribution with maximum employee choice with our private exchange partners. We partner with the largest private exchange in Texas.

Dental plans can be voluntary or employer sponsored. They typically cover preventive, restorative and orthodontia at varying levels. Let us help you find the best fit in terms of covered services, price and network.

Employers often offer employees short-term and/or long-term disability coverage on a voluntary or employer sponsored basis. Some plans are designed to provide a tax free benefit significantly increasing the value of this benefit to your employees. Let us help you design a combination of coverage that best meets your needs and budget. This “paycheck insurance” can be extremely valuable to employees.

Recognizing the varying needs of employees, employers frequently provide some basic level of life insurance complemented with offering employees the option to elect supplemental coverage for themselves, their spouse and children. Let us help you explore the plan features and costs that best meet all the variables.

Vision coverage, whether voluntary or group sponsored, is a valuable option to employees and their family members needing glasses or contacts. In addition to coverage, network plays a significant role in the value of vision coverage to your employees.

Studies have proven that employees see significant and rising value in having the opportunity to elect voluntary coverage for such products covering critical illness, cancer, accidents, identity theft protection, pre-paid legal and/or pet insurance. We specialize in identifying the best suite of options to support employee retention.

If you have employees traveling on business outside their home country, international travel medical coverage is a valuable benefit offered thru a single policy with minimal administration.

If you have employees traveling on business more than 100 miles from home, business travel accident coverage is essential. This benefit is especially important for management and sales positions.