Healthcare Reform

Healthcare, Reforms, Requirements...What does it all mean?

Despite the continual changes and postponements and court battles, one thing is certain. The new ACA law is here and both individuals and companies (with more than 50 employees) will have to purchase medical insurance or face penalties that will increase each year going forward. Is our company medical plan compliant? How about our company contributions? How do I find the best value on individual coverage? What about minimum essential benefits, minimum benefit value, the 9.5% rule, subsidies for individual coverage, private plans, public exchanges, private exchanges, defined contribution medical plans, ACO’s, HSA’s, HRA’s, etc.?

Tell me about the new penalties and mandates. The law is quite cumbersome and, as everyone expected, changing weekly. Wilson Benefits has invested close to 3,000 hours of continuous research on the Affordable Care Act. We are constantly conducting ongoing research on the Healthcare Reform Laws and are your expert at achieving the best possible and least expensive benefits scenario for you. Regardless of your company size or if you are an individual, we guarantee that you will learn something new through meeting with any of our agents!

Also, Wilson Benefits uses innovative technology to ease the administrative headaches that this law can potentially create for HR. We handle ALL of the workload, no questions asked. Whether you’re a company needing some fresh options on how to comply at an affordable price or an individual needing coverage ASAP, your answers are contained right here! Individuals can not only enroll in all private or public exchange options but also determine if they qualify for a subsidy within our individual section making it quick, easy, and affordable for everyone. Companies can contact us directly for any needs regarding their benefit portfolio.